NCOT Perinatal Bereavement Training (Online Only)

NCOT (PTY) LTD is offering a SA first ONLINE Perinatal Bereavement Training.  This evidence-based training is delivered by an experienced facilitator/trainer using various methods of training as an experienced SBD Birth, Bereavement & Adoption Doula®, Curriculum Developer and Trainer, Writer and Birth & Remembrance Photographer. Almost 50 students have completed this training already and have used this training as foundation for expanding their businesses. The feedback on this course is overwhelming positive – both from the professionals in the industry as well as parents.

Nicci has worked in numerous hospitals all over Gauteng and you are welcome to contact her personally on 0711040299 with any questions regarding this training or email To read more about her experiences as Bereavement Doula, please read the blog on this website.


Proper skills development in relation to sensitive and knowledgeable communication is strongly emphasised and encouraged in this course. It comprises of 8 modules and runs for 8 weeks with weekly assignments, exams, compulsory reading and watching, supplementary reading as well as a final exam. It is a very thorough course which covers all aspects of pregnancy and infant loss and it is very affordable. 

This is practical and relevant perinatal training to equip students with the necessary skills and particular knowledge to handle pregnancy, stillbirth and early baby loss with professionalism, proficiency and purpose.

NCOT Perinatal Bereavement Training provides unbiased, relevant information – informing, equipping and inspiring students and fostering a community of professionals that have a passion for parents who have suffered child loss with an ethos of excellence. It’s not an ‘easy’ or a ‘quick’ course, but it is a very thorough and professional one.

After completion of this course you will be fully equipped to function on your own as a perinatal bereavement worker in miscarriage, infant loss and NICU loss situations – NOT just in stillbirth situations. The course also teaches you about all the aspects of loss and grief and supporting parents who have suffered loss from the time they receive the news of a possible negative outcome until after the baby has been born. An experienced Traumatologist oversees the basic counselling training as well as the inner workings of a support group as part of the course.

A birth worker trained by Nicci Coertze Online Training (NCOT) Bereavement Division specifically to assist parents with miscarriage, stillbirth and infant loss, is called a Perinatal Bereavement Worker (PBW.) Someone who is already a doula and who does this training, is called a Perinatal Bereavement Doula. You will be there to walk alongside bereaved parents and offer them continuous physical and emotional support before, during and after your birth. You can help them find resources to answer their questions, build their support network, be with parents as they say hello and goodbye to their child, assist during the precious moments of creating memories with their baby and hold the space for them as they navigate saying goodbye to their baby.

As a Perinatal Bereavement Worker trained by NCOT, you will assist parents to make empowered decisions where their precious baby is concerned. In South Africa, before 26 weeks of gestation, a fetus that showed no signs of life after delivery are disposed of as medical waste. However, as Perinatal Bereavement Worker you will ensure that parents get the opportunity to have your baby cremated or buried.

Some benefits of doing the NCOT Online Perinatal Bereavement Training:

*You can do the training ONLINE. It’s the only E-learning training program of its kind in Africa.

*The training facilitator has corporate training experience and a Diploma in Conferencing, Exhibitions and Events Management which gives her a unique competitive advantage.

*The training covers ALL aspects of baby loss in South Africa. The training material currently covers more than 80 hours of training, with 8 modules and 8 exams (one per module) – including one final exam to ensure that you deliver the best service possible to your clients.

*NCOT Training is based on current research, best practice and personal guidance. 

*As part of the training, the facilitator offers remembrance photography training as a professional photographer who has personally taken and edited photos of many, many angel babies. (With actual photos that were taken by her to show you how it’s done. The photos are used with permission.)

*The trainer carries an official membership with Pregnancy Loss and Infant Death Alliance (PLIDA) and has access to many perinatal bereavement resources.

*You will be part of the NCOT community; a deeply caring and supportive group of professionals committed to assist bereaved parents all over Africa and to be there to support each other in this very special calling.

*NCOT Training It is also the only training organisation whose training is offered through Pre-Hospital Emergency Care (PHEC.)