NCOT Bereavement Trainings

“Grief & The Workplace” Training Course (ONLINE & WORKSHOP)

Workplace grief is a naturally complicated issue, as it involves personal responses in a professional environment. Yet, management skill sets do not routinely include training about how to support individual or collective grief issues. This comprehensive training will enable companies and managers to support and retain employees and to maintain attractive and productive work environments, whilst appropriately addressing issues of grief in the workplace. It will enable management to add a human touch to what is perceived as the ‘corporate machine’.

NCOT Perinatal Bereavement Training (ONLINE ONLY)

NCOT (PTY) LTD is offering a SA first ONLINE Perinatal Bereavement Training.  This evidence-based training is delivered by an experienced facilitator/trainer using various methods of training as an experienced SBD Birth, Bereavement & Adoption Doula®, Curriculum Developer and Trainer, Writer and Birth & Remembrance Photographer. This E-learning program comprises of 8 modules and runs for 8 weeks with weekly assignments, exams, compulsory reading and watching, supplementary reading as well as a final exam. It is a very thorough course which covers all aspects of pregnancy and infant loss and is currently the most affordable option to qualify as perinatal bereavement worker. It is endorsed by:

End Of Life Sensitivity Training – An Introduction (One Day Comprehensive Workshop or 2 Week Online Course)


End of life training covers one of the most challenging areas of life.  This training will enable you to develop the foundation skills required to support the dying individual and their family with confidence and sensitivity. To meet the needs of a more diverse population, a culturally and spiritually sensitive approach to end-of-life communication is critical. NCOT End of Life Sensitivity Training is committed to equip students with these skills.

End Of Life Support – Advanced Training (Workshop)

This advanced training follows the EOL Sensitivity Training. Learn valuable, advanced support skills to enable you to provide quality care and an exceptional level of professionalism to the dying. Make their final journey count!


Almost Pregnant – Overcoming Grief and Loss in Infertility (One Day Workshop or 2 Week Online Training)

This course deals with topics such as emotions and infertility, the impact of infertility, coping mechanisms, self-care, support systems, and much more. It was written by an infertile who had undergone SIX infertility treatments, suffered 3 miscarriages and wrote a book about it!

The Online the program is a 2-week course or you can attend a One Day Workshop.

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Learning to Live after Loss – An Online Bereavement Course for Parents

This is an online course for grieving parents to help them cope with pregnancy or infant loss. Before the course starts, an e-session and assessment are done to ascertain where the parent is in the grief process. The course is designed to facilitate integration and healing after pregnancy or infant loss with the intention of inspiring personal growth and spiritual connection – regardless of faith.

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