Nicci Coertze Bereavement Doula


Perinatal Bereavement Doulas / Perinatal Bereavement Workers are equipped to help mothers prepare and move through the birth of their baby, no matter their baby’s gestational age. Bereavement Workers hold these parents within the compassionate arms of someone who has been especially trained to do so.


As your Perinatal Bereavement Doula I will act as a guide for bereaved parents’ journey, and with the help of other professionals, I hope to help bereaved parents adjust to the “new normal.” I was also the first Bereavement Doula in South Africa to be TAGI approved, which means I also supply parents with a beautiful Angel Gown™️ from The Angel Gown Initiative (TAGI.) I am a Professional Loss Photographer.

As a seasoned bereavement doula, I will:

  • Help you meet your baby with compassion
  • Prepare you for what your beautiful baby may look like
  • Provide you with a beautiful Angel Gown™️ from The Angel Gown Initiative
  • Encourage you to take your time with your little one
  • Help you manage the arrival of family and friends in your time of loss and help them find ways to express their grief while being of support in yours
  • Teach you how to keep your baby’s temperature just right so you and your family may spend more time with him or her
  • Call family and friends if that is your wish
  • Take infant portraits and family portraits
  • Help you create a memory box for your baby — including a lock of hair, foot and hand prints, and more.
  • Advocate for you at the hospital, to make sure you are in an area free from other baby or labour sounds that may be difficult
  • Talk to you, listen to you, hold the birth space sacred
  • If your hospital does not issue an birth certificate due to baby’s age, your bereavement birth worker will create one for you
  • Assist you to make contact with baby-centred funeral services or any other funeral home of your choice, who will help you plan for a service, blessing, Christening, ceremony or other memorial or remembrance as you see fit

  • I am an Internationally trained Birth, Bereavement & Adoption Doula® through Stillbirthday University (with 35 nursing contact hours earned):
    • SBD doulas can fill in the space between learning of a difficult diagnosis and the birth of the baby, supplementing hospital support.
    • SBD doulas can provide labor support prior to and during a miscarriage.

    • SBD doulas can attend births at any gestational age.

    • SBD doulas can provide postpartum support for mothers who’ve experienced pregnancy or infant loss.

    • SBD doulas can provide services and support for subsequent pregnancies and births.

  • Coursework in Grief: a Lesson in Healing:
    • Grief 101
    • Coping with Grief
    • The Causes of Grief
    • The Grieving Process
    • Grief Reaction Factors
    • The Manner of Death
  • EMMA – University of Naples Federico II Course: Grief and how it can kill us (ongoing)
    • What is Grief and the Grieving Process About? Do we all Grief in the same way?

    • How Can Grief Impact our Health? Our Families? Our Jobs/Workplace Grief?

    • Grief Attacks: What are they? Role Models: How have others gotten thru them?

    • Online Grief: How are new technologies and social networks impacting our grieving process now? Future?

    • Good from Grief: How are people facing unimaginable grief making the world better for all of us?

  • TFFILT – Course in Pregnancy and Infant Loss and Bereavement E-Learning
    • An overview of the types of infant loss and statistics

    • The initial physical and emotional reactions to loss

    • When a baby dies in hospital

    • How professionals may be affected

    • How a baby who has passed away may look

    • The fear of the parents in seeing their baby and how the professional can help

    • A baby’s funeral

    • A mothers perspective of loss

    • Remembering anniversaries and milestones

    • How men and women may grieve differently

    • Subsequent pregnancies after loss – The emotional rollercoaster

    • The CONI scheme – Care of the Next Infant

    • Life after loss


I am a trainer with with ample corporate training experience. I am also a professional photographer and events manager and ran a successful business after my corporate career. My loss photography is a very special part of my role as Bereavement Specialist. The most important is that although no two experiences are ever the same, I have suffered baby loss myself and I have been through many infertility treatments – so I have been there, and done that. This enables me to have a unique perspective on loss.